Hello there!

Wefie in Ho Chi Minh museum, Vietnam

We are Amy and Shya, two crazy friends whom upon chances granted from above, get to know each others’ passion about living life to the fullest and thus wanting to have an outlet for us to share all things good and wonderful. We went through a series of discussions on how can we share with the world and finally decided to start Chaser of All in July 2016. In short, we are:

  • Both bitten by the travel bug at a fairly young age and have never stopped wandering and exploring since.
  • Both are budget travelers who does a generous amount of research and plans itineraries weeks before.
  • Both are hopeless foodies who have an unending affinity towards all things edible.
  • Both are product enthusiasts who loves to try out new products; be it beauty product, food, fashion, app; you name it.
  • Both are roller-coaster junkies who would queue up again just to ride it another time.
  • Both are shopping addicts who absolutely cannot let go of any shopping chances.

In this blog mostly:
Amy will be having fun with beauty product reviews, fashion trends, style tips; while
Shya will be in charge with food hunts, tea reviews and travel tips

(C) All articles written are of our own experiences and honest reviews on a wide variety of topics revolving around our curious exploration in beauty products, fashion trends, style tips, café hopping, and travel tips.