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Food hunt @ LBU: Deens Restaurant

This is a fairly easy to find restaurant, just sitting at Ujana Kewangan in Labuan. And this is also one of the biggest temptation everytime I went shopping for cheap chocolate and/or booze there. The smell of fresh rotis and mee goreng, ah so good. Over lunch time, this place will be filled with office staffs working at the building itself, I was there at the oddest timing of 2pm, so it was pretty vacant, I can have the whole place to myself. 😛


Look, look, all those clean tables and chair. Plus that signboard of menus – names, pictures, pricing. Very convenient.


I had my normal mamak favourite – Teh Tarik (R) while plus one had Teh Tarik Makmur (L). Beats me at first to figure out what it is, until I had a sip of it. It has some foamy milk mixed into a coffee/teh fusion. I am guessing that this is a Labuan special.


This is their complimentary dhal side kick – so authentic with brinjals and all. I am by no means a fan of brinjal, I avoid them at all cost. :/


This is their complimentary curry side kick for the rotis. This little saucer sure pack some spicy kick.


I am sadden that the roti tissue picture got lost somewhere, you can see the bit of it in the corner above. But in the picture was my Roti Telur Bawang, or onion egg roti. Always another all-time favourite since I was little, must be from my brother’s influence.

CoA’s overall points: √√√
Given Labuan has limited eateris, I would actually love to give it a 4√, but again, when compared to other bigger city eateries, this just fades away.

Total damage to wallet: < MYR15

Yours truly,


Address: B021, Financial Park, 87007, Labuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, Malaysia
Phone: +60 87-453 122
FB link: Link
Foursquare link: Link


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