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Food hunt @ SIN: Clinton Street Baking Company

More than months since I went to Singapore and yet I am still blogging about food hunts there. Slowly catching up! I believe I am pretty dependent on foursquare for food hunting in foreign lands. I have to admit it does come in handy especially during travelling with a lazy bum bum like me.

Imagine a scenario where we woke up pretty early and we were hungry. Sadly, the awesome hotel we stayed in does not offer in-house breakfast. I guess it is just not a thing for Singaporean hotels. Oh well.

But thanks to the app and our wondering souls, we came across this street and have some pretty good looking shops! And, the shop that we searched was just amongst them, yay!


Just look at the shop front. Sleek and clean. A bit of an Old English feeling.


Absolutely in love with the huge “EAT” sign. Especially being places so strategically on top of tiers and tiers, rows and rows of good pretty delights. Ahhh.


Just another look of the clean eatery, very inviting!


My absolute all-time-favourite – Lemonade. Say me bias, but just look at it. Ah, that yellow hues. Reminds me of the warmth of sunshine!


So plus one was feeling all fancy and got himself a pot ofΒ English Breakfast Tea. But it sure compliments that plate of humongous pancakes, more next up! But good comparison of how those pancakes sizes up.


Just look at ’em! Pouring pouring pouring the maple syrup all over these wickledly good banana walnut pancakes. Yums! Maybe I should go flip some good ol’ fluffy pancakes! Inspiration from the menu is great! Oh so excited.


I really cannot recall but here you go, some benedict with poached egg topped with cheese for breakfast. Regardless, they are looking good and tasted even better! Ah, I remember, they have smoked salmon in between too. πŸ˜›

CoA’s overall points: √√√√

Total damage to wallet:Β Cannot recall, this calls for a mini notebook next time! I just got myself a 2017 planner, so yay!

Yours truly,


Address: 31 Purvis Street, Singapore 188608
Phone: +65 6684845
Opening hours: 8am – 6pm daily
Website: Link
Facebook: Link

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