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Tea review: Cozy Lotus Green Tea


CoA’s rating: 7.8/10 ♥♥♥♥

After some read up on the tea itself, it seems like Vietnamese lotus tea (trà sen, chè sen, or chè ướp senare specialties of Vietnam and is consumed as part of celebratory events or festivals. I was lucky that during my stay in Vietnam, we had these tea sachets as complimentary and of course me being a cheapskate, I brought them home. Definitely a win here!

Be it cold or hot, this lotus green tea can definitely refresh you up completely. It brews a pale yellow colour while at first I was expecting it to brew into a green sort of colour, haha, me and my lack of knowledge. The first few seeps were the unsure part as it was pretty blend but decent, down that road, I am hooked with the base/aftertaste of lotus-ish fragrance.

This is definitely one of the green tea that I will not mind gulping it down instead of seeping it slowly. I gulped 2 mugs of warm tea and it is still great! Absolutely love the lotus fragrance, but looking at the close up of the tea leaves below, I think it is possible that they actually bake the tea leaves with the entire stamen from the flower or their anthers to ensure the green tea absorb the natural scent of lotus. Lovely!

Yours truly,



A 15X macro close up on the sun-dried tea leaves after I drank it a few rounds, making sure I get all the juice out of them.

Country of origin: Vietnam
Tea type: Green Tea
Ingredients: Green Tea, Lotus Flower/Stem
Flavors: Floral, Fresh
Sold in: Tea bag
Caffeine: Caffeine free


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