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Food hunt @ BWN: Fratini Restaurant

One of the most convenient stop for dinner during our training week in Seria was Fratini’s Restaurant. Sure, the space was pretty small, being 1 shop lot’s size, but it was a very cozy place to dine and chill.

We were there, a few of us with a 13 months old baby. Just imagine how noisy we were but it was all good.


Behold, my Pineapple Juice. I stick to one of my favourite juices just because I did not have my weekly dosage of pineapple, hehe. It was great, this is me sounding bias. 😛


We has some Tomato Bruschetta. This was a good appetizer while waiting for our pizzas to be served. Love the tomato bits on french toasts. Crunchiness with a hint of sweetness.

Well, I blame the lighting there, it was pretty dark and I blame my lack of efforts to beautify them food pictures. But this photo does not justification on how delicious this bowl of Mushroom Soup was! It was probably one of the top 3 mushrooms soups that I love, second to one of my cousin’s home cooked mushroom soup with mushroom bits.

This one small bowl of goodness were filled with thick mushroom essence with lesser mushroom bits though. But dipping them french toast and garlic bread into it, ah, perfect!


My extra bowl of Garlic Bread, think the chef must be OCD to place them in the shape of flower petals, both this and the bruschetta. This was a great compliment to the mushroom soup, like always.


The pizzas we ordered were the specials that were on the chalk boards. This was Pizza Chang, I am guessing they named it based on some famous chinese recipe of chicken, garlic and honey. Y’know, those chicken wing stalls? Ring a bell?

I personally have a liking towards sweeter things, so this pizza was OK for me even though some of them do not take a liking towards sweet pizza. The sweet part was the honey glazing, but I love the garlicky after taste of this pizza.


Another special was the White Tuna. Again, another sweet pizza so yay for me, nay for them. The culprit of the sweetness was the mayonnaise sauce they used on it. Pretty smart move, I will definitely incorporate some mayonnaise sauce in my homemade pizza next!

CoA’s overall points: √√√√
Loved the overall environment and the service was great! There was a birthday party for a little girl and they even accommodate for them to make their own pizza session which was really a personal touch to the girls, how they brighten up with their own version of specialized pizzas!

Total damage to wallet: BND$20/pax out of 5 of us (Approx. MYR60)

Yours truly,


Address: Ground floor unit 1 Lot 7191 Jalan Jaya Negara Kg Pandan Kuala Belait, Negara Brunei Darussalam
Phone: +673 333 5050
FB link: Link

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