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Food hunt @ BWN: Universal Cafe

This was one of the breakfast gems in Seria that we have no problem revisiting whenever we were there for training. This particular gem is always found to be bustling with customers ordering hot drinks and toasts/sandwich paired up with soft boils.


This is always the ordeal to go for whenever I am there, a cup of hot milo +  2 soft boils (look at ’em, perfect!) and some toasts. In the picture above, I had 1 set of roti kahwin (kaya butter toast) and 1 set of butter sugar toast.

Back then, this was the only place where I first tried the butter sugar toast. Surprising as it may sound, it was really worth a try and there onwards, I am needless to say, hooked with it. The toasts melts the butter to perfect fragrances, when dipped with sugar, the crunchiness adds that final touch to it. Ah yum!


Another near close up on the toasts. These were homemade breads (plus points) and they were pretty thick and chewy. Just right, I would say.


Who will miss out a cup of hot beverage and in my case, hot milo to kick start my day!


Here is another mix of soft boils and pure butter sugar toasts. Bring me back!

CoA’s overall points: √√√√
We have been back for countless time, a never-miss breakfast place. Absolute love for rare old gems like this.

Total damage to wallet: BND$8.20 (Approx. MYR24.50)

Yours truly,


Address: No. 11, Jalan Sultan Omar Ali, Seria KB3933 Kuala Belait.
Phone: +673 322 2077
FB link: Link


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