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Food hunt @ BKI: Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant

This might be a funny one – after plus one complained how expensive chili crabs were in Singapore, right after we landed back in Sabah (KK), we went for some seafood hunt. The nearest and not so overpriced one was this – Suang Tain Seafood.


It was a pretty open space open market concept where they can show off their fresh produces and weigh them as per request before asking how should they be prepared.


Appreciate how they even wrote the names of different clams and sorts with pricing.


This is how our not so humble meal looks like. Mom, we had our dose of vegetables too!


Our Sabah version of chili crab – we do not think that this lose to Singapore’s version. Overall, it was pretty spicy so plus one was the one finishing it all up well given that he was the one complaining in the first place, hehe.


I personally love this dish. The freshness of it + light stir fry garlic ginger. Delish!


We had another guilty pleasure – deep fried calamaris. Paired up with sweet spicy Thai-inspired sauce, take me back there for another round!


And, our dose of green – bean sprouts! Hard to come by sometimes, so whenever I had the opportunity to order, I go ahead with it. Think I finished 80% of it, heh!

CoA’s overall points: √√√√
Been there a few times, seafood was always fresh so kudos!

Total damage to wallet: < MYR100

Yours truly,



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