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Food hunt @ SIN: Curious Palette

I have to say, it is a blessing to have friends everywhere. Take for example, in this case; I was clueless as to where I should go in Singapore for plus one’s birthday surprise dinner. I googled and did some homework and well, it was not as reassuring. Until my friend mentioned about Curious Palette. The review was good, so why not?

My friend did the reservation and a few nights before, I called to double confirm and add on the cakes/decoration on cakes to fuzz it up. The place was easy to find via google map.


A pretty casual and laid back cafe, love the background of whites and wooden furnishings. And a lot of glass ornaments and lightings, big love.


Plus one had this cold brewed coffee – White Magic. It was chill and all until A reverted that the phrase on the bottle “let’s make love, coffee and magic”. Go figure what is up in her mind, haha!


I was in the mood for some english tea, all thanks to the atas furnishing. Here is plus one pouring some Sangria Tea for me. Love the tangy aftertaste of the tea, cleanses my taste bud well after meal.


This was supposed to be my dish – Curious Palette Burger + Bacon Bits. On the side were some gorgeous sweet potato fries. Oh yums! But since the birthday boy does not fancy the other dish, of course I am obliged to exchange it with him. Considering he is king for a day, heh! Kidding, I will always exchange with him if he does not take a liking towards either one of our orders.


Well, this is the not so liked dish –  Truffled Risotto. Plus one said this dish tasted like atas porridge, so he sort of nicely rejected it. For me, I kind of enjoyed the lazy feeling of eating/sipping porridge. Just me being lazy. 😉

Anyway, this was what happened that was pretty disappointing. Apparently, the genius who picked up my call on double confirming the reservation + cake request did NOT jot down anything. When I asked for dessert, they were clueless. Sigh, in the end, we settled for a not even a bit of surprising surprise birthday dessert.


The cakes on display that were looking decent were – (L) Chocolate Pear and (R) Peanut Butter Jam PBJ. Hmm. Could not remember what were plus one’s feedback on these. Oh well.

CoA’s overall points: √√√
Love the overall environment, but can be a bit crowded and loud especially during the late evening. I took off another tick as the surprise birthday reservation did not take place albeit they reassured over the phone. Sigh!

Total damage to wallet: $88.63 (Approx. MYR 266)

Yours truly,


Address: 64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667
Phone: +65 6238 1068
FB link: Link
Instagram link: Link


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