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Food hunt in SIN: Symmetry

During our short weekend escapade to Singapore back in the month of August, we were treated to a pretty casual restaurant – Symmetry. It takes inspiration from both the Australian casual dining culture and French cuisine, this nifty place presents a unique dining experience with an emphasis on sharing.

We were pretty held up in our catch up session that I forgotten to take some photos of the surroundings. TBH, Singapore has a lot of hipster cafe to offer and this is exactly one of them!


We had some mixed fusion drinks – (L) Avocado and Gula Melaka & (R) Strawberry Lemonade. The L one was a very sweetened avocado shake but uniquely authentic with Gula Melaka to replace normal sugar, definitely for serious sweet tooths. The R one was very sour – in fact now that I think about it, me and my plus one are pretty opposite in our taste palate for drinks. Me liking sour and he liking sweet. Guess opposite does attract?


The above, let me proudly present to you – Symmetry’s Big Breakfast. A temptingly huge homemade sausage. Egg of your choice – Benedict, scrambled, omelette + 2 poached eggs in a small saucer. And a mix of all other condiments.


One of my favorite dessert – Symmetry waffles. There is something about cakes/waffles topped with ice cream that will always pique my interest. In this case, it is even more tempting with berries! Love this, the portion is enough for 2 – 3 pax, TBH.

CoA’s overall points: √√√√
Definitely a great place to hangout, the environment and food are equally awesome.

Total damage to wallet: 0 (A treat for catching up with some buddies in Singapore)

Yours truly,


Address: 9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 Singapore 199206
Phone: +656291-9901
Website: Link
FB link: Link


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