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Review: Online Shopping Haul Gmarket & Hermo


Hoorayyy πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Here comes the favourite part of my life, online shoppingggg!!! 😍😍😍

Not long ago, I have a massive haul from Gmarket when they are having international shipping fee at 50% discount and Amore Pacific was having sales as well. By the way, they are still having 50% off for international shipping fee till end of September. Happy shopping everyoneπŸ˜„. To begin with, I was attracted to Etude House new release for the autumn, Budapest eyeshadow collection. Then, since Gmarket is having discount for international shipping fee, I was thinking why not buy more LOL! 

From top left: All items were nicely packed in boxes, those Amore Pacific boxes are for Mamonde that they packed every single items into single box, which is the main culprit for the shipping fee. 

Top middle: From Etude House, Keep My Brows Fixer; Budapest #OR217, #PK015 & #PK010; Pink Skull Cream Blusher PK002; Freebie cleansing oil and Sunprise Mild Perfect Relief sunblock.

Top right: From Missha, Magic Cushion Moisture No.23 Minion Version and Cheek & Shading Brush #203.

Bottom: From Mamonde, Rose Essential Mask; Mamonde Signature Rose Water Toner; Mamonde Two Step Perfect Brow No.1 Deep Brown; Mamonde Oil Shine Stick #7 Fuchsia Plum; Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow #6 Brown and tons of freebies from Lotus Mirco cleansing line and basic skincare kit with First Energy Essence, Lotus Cleansing Foam and Rose Water Toner. 

All of these cost me RM300 and shipping fee of RM56+ from Seoul to East Malaysia, which I consider is worth the money as all of them are cheaper than market price and some aren’t available in East Malaysia yet. Imagine the Missha Minion cushion with refill is only RM47 and 2 bottles of Mamonde Rose Water Toner with 300ml in total is only RM37. And not to forget Etude Pink Skull cream cushion is only RM28+ and yet it is not available in Malaysia. 

Overall I am satisfied with this Gmarket haul. Now we shall move on to my next haul from Hermo.

I saw their newsletter that when purchase above RM150, I could purchase 1 star product at RM0.99 which attracted my attention immediately. Seriously RM0.99?? Then I noticed one of the star products is Cosrx Blackhead Power Liquid that I have beem eyeing for. There you go Hermo, you got me this time. So I ended up buying more than I need, Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture (RM59.90), Corsx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion (RM65.55), Skin Food Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask (RM25.50), Cosrx Pimple Master Patch (RM18.91) and CNP Anti-Pore Blackhead Clear Kit (RM25.42). And yea I am a big fan of Cosrx ever since their famous Pimple Clear Pad. Cosrx brand is not that well known in Malaysia and they have no physical store yet. So the only way to get them is via online website, either Hermo or Gmarket. I choose to purchase them via Hermo as the price is cheaper than that in Gmarket. Don’t ask me why as I am confused as well. But rest assured that Hermo is selling 100% real authentic products. 

One great online shopping tips is that you can subscribe to their newsletter and so when they are having promotion, you will be informed and can thus react fast 😁. And don’t forget to compare their prices at different sites (for Korean products, you can go to Hermo, Althea or the mighty Gmarket.) And considering the shipping fee as well. For Hermo and Althea, it is easier that they offer free shipping once you purchase above certain amount. But for Gmarket, you need to be mindful for the weight of items and the shipping fee could be massive if you purchase some big heavy items. So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy online shopping!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 

Till next post.

Yours Truly,

Amy 😘


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