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Food hunt @ SIN: LE Cafe Confectionery and Pastry

Fortunately, I had a couple of long-time friends working in Singapore and was recommended to try something that Malaysia does not have to offer, yet – bean curd tart. You said it. Bean curd what? A hybrid of egg tart? Are you sure, bean curd tarts?

I was well, receiving that recommendation pretty well in the first place. Given that I had not tried anything of that combination yet. But well, just read on to find out more.


There you go, the first ever outlet, operating more than 50 years of hand crafted no pork no lard business! Now they even expanded to having 3 outlets! More information on address/phone at the bottom of the post.

I have to comment that they have very friendly staffs towards tourists, which was a bonus point! Manners over money.


There, I said it, bean curd tarts! I love how they packed it nicely in a box of 8, but I find it too much for the two of us to finish. And unfortunately, they do not sell ala carte tarts.

It was the do or die situation and we swam with the do since we were lucky that they were only available after 12.30pm and we dropped by around 12.15pm. With just 15 minutes wait more, the do option definitely shine out more since I have heard of feedback where they sold out like hot cakes!


There you go, a box of 8 very interestingly mixed bean curd tarts from the top. We went for the mixed box since they were 2 Originals in it. See, I did a fairly good job similar to what was in the official web here!

From top left – bottom right: Longan in bean curd, the Original, Grass jelly in bean curd, Gingko nut and white fungus in bean curd, Peanuts in bean curd, the Original, Red beans in bean curd, Egg white in bean curd.


Another view of these silky smooth soya bean filling, encased in a thin cup of delicious pastry with added mixed ingredients. Call us daring yo!

Well, call us daring indeed, we had all these over the course of lunch/dinner while waiting in the airport for our return flight and after we checked into our hotel for the night.

CoA’s overall points: √√√
I could only comment that for the both of us, if given the choice to choose, we will go for the Originals OR if ala carte is available, for me: the longan, the grass jelly and the red beans were okay, for him: the peanut, the grass jelly and the red beans were okay. But, given another trip there again, we would not hesitate to tapao them for family to try out, just maybe not for us. But but, plus point for their crativity.

Total damage to wallet: $$ (S$10.10 = MYR30.30 for a box of 8)

Yours truly,


(1) 264 Middle Road Singapore 188990 / (65) 6337 2417
(2) Blk 42 Cambridge Road #01-02 Singapore 210042 / (65) 6298 1477
(3) Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #01-111 Singapore 2000637 / (65) 6294 8813
Link: Website


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