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Review: Taobao Fashion Haul

Hello ๐Ÿค—

It’s the time of the month to shop for clothes! ๐ŸŽ‰ I often shop online to refill my skincare, cosmetics and clothes once my salary is in every alternate month. Kinda like a pat on the shoulder for working hard these two months.

I got some cheap clothes from Taobao again from the same seller. Taobao Tips#1: Stick to the same seller once you confirm their quality of clothes are good after first purchase. I often stick to the same buyers that I knew their quality of clothes are worth the price based on previous purchase experiences. And it is easier to pick your size as well once you have purchase from the same buyer. 

I bought 2 dress & 4 tops from the same seller (PPๅฎถไผ˜่กฃ่‰ฏๅ“PIPIKIA and 1 skort from this seller (ๅฐ้นฟ่ฆ้ฃž ๆจ้›…็†™ๅฎšๅˆถ I bought few shirts previously with PPๅฎถไผ˜่กฃ่‰ฏๅ“ and they are all good in quality with cheap price tags. They didn’t let me disappointed this time as well. This is the first time I buy clothes from ๅฐ้นฟ่ฆ้ฃž and the quality of skirt is good as well. ๐Ÿ–’ Note: I didn’t receive any sponsor from the sellers yah and I just wanna share good stuff with you all. ๐Ÿ˜˜

Let’s get started from the first seller PPๅฎถไผ˜่กฃ่‰ฏๅ“.

 This pink shirt is RMB39 (RM21+) and very comfy. However, it is kinda see through and I like to layer with singlet/camisole inside.

This turquoise shirt is RMB45 (RM27+) and it is kinda thick that it can be weared alone or as a jacket.

The black top is RMB49(RM30) and of Tshirt material. This top can be paired with almost every bottoms. I paired mine with the cute shorts that I bought last round from the same seller for RMB49(RM30) as well. This shorts is super cute with cupcakes printing.

This cute dress is RMB35(RM21+) and perfect for autumn. It is kinda short for me (I am 160cm tall.) But it is not those see through dress and can be worn alone though I prefer to layer with shorts to feel more secure. ๐Ÿ˜‹

This is my favourite dress at this moment!!! Another perfect dress for autumn though Malaysia is summer all year round. It costs RMB56(RM34+) and the material is comfy, good and thick enough to be worn alone. 

The shirt is RMB55(RM33+) and the material is comfy & thick enough to be worn alone. The black skort is from the another seller ๅฐ้นฟ่ฆ้ฃž. It is RMB59(RM36+). Though it is kinda expensive if compared with others, the material is superb as like the formal pants’ material. I guess I gonna buy more clothes from this seller next time! ๐Ÿ˜

Another shopping tips – Taobao Tips#2: If you wanna try some random new seller, read the customer review first and check the photos that previous customers attached with their review. And sometime they would mention their weight and size they bought. It is a very useful information to determine your own suitable size and quality of the clothes by refer to their reviews and photos.
Taobao Tips#3: If this is the first time that you purchase from this particular seller, buy one or two pieces first to judge the clothes’ quality and sizing to prevent disappointment and wasting of money.

Back to the topic of shipping fee, it costs me RMB48(RM30+) to ship to East Malaysia and it took 6 days to reach to my doorstep from the moment that I paid the shipping fee which I consider to be super fast. If you stay in West Malaysia, it would be cheaper and faster. And they do offer shipping to lots of countries. 

Hopefully this blog post can give you some tips on how to shop your clothes from Taobao.

Till next post. My next post would be another skincare & cosmetics haul from Gmarket and Hermo. ๐Ÿ˜

Yours Truly, 



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