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Food hunt @ BKI: Mad Ben

Mad Ben? Why Mad Ben, huh? So I looked it up again, thanks Google, and came across that MAD stands for Make-A-Difference. I would never had guessed it, kudos to the owner for being madly creative!madben2.JPG

The famous logo of a silhouette of a deer with horn, male?


One look and one can guess it is a minimalist and modern cafe that has a very comfortable touch that offers a cozy dining experience. Somewhat of a hypnotic effect that diners have no issue staying a little longer. Love the simple black and white design as well.


Sat at a corner – the couple corner maybe, granted me a chance to take a panoramic view of the cafe. The low yet sufficient lighting was well, romantic, haha!


Peeked at the menu – classic root beer. So why not? Yays for root beer!


This was and is truly one of my new love – lemonade! Falling under the category of soda, this is one very refreshingly sour one (cautions had been given, try at your own risk). Still, my new love!


And, we gave the famous 220g Grain Fed Rib-Eye a try, matched with truffle mashed potato and a grab of fresh veggies.


The tenderness was the key and the brown sauce was the star! But TBH, my favourite part of the dish was the mash, it was not as smooth as fast food joints offered but that was perfect! Plus one enjoyed the rib eye though, chewy-ly pleasant.


We went ahead with some finger food instead of dessert, some nights we do opt for savoury over sweet. And this gave us another chance to revisit, haha! Tempura was pretty much on the okay-okay side though.


Another star of my night at Mad Ben – cheesy croquettes! I cannot not order croquettes just because the last cheese croquette I had in Nagisa was mind blowing-ly good.


Just look at how cheeeeesy those croquettes were! We even pulled them apart further but well, it lasted for only another few centis. Have fun with our food, we were.

CoA’s overall points: √√√
The environment was comfortable and the food was yums that I went back again with a different crowd.

Total damage to wallet: $$ (MYR101.00)

Yours truly,


Address: Ground floor, Lot S-0-29, Lot 121, Jalan Gaya, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: (6)088 255073
Business hour: Monday to Friday – 11:00am to 11:00pm, Saturday and Sunday – 5:00pm to 12:00am
Link: Facebook


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