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Tutorial: Strawberry Makeup with Etude House

Hello πŸ€—

Finally my long promised fruits makeup post. Sorry for the delay as I was struggling to use my phone to take pictures instead of a professional camera. Being a poor blogger here. 😢

I first learned the term “Fruits Makeup” from the Korean youtubers. It is the new trend for korean ladies for summer. Their makeup is inspired from different types of fruits – cherry, orange, grapes, strawberry, banana etc. My personal favourite is strawberry makeup simply because I love pink! 😍 In this post, I will share my stawberry makeup with you all. Ps. Still a makeup begineer and noob blogger, bear with me for the poor quality of photos or makeup skills.

First of all, I shall showcase my Etude family🎺

Face products – cushion, mint based cushion primer, blushers, face contour 101 stick and concealer for dark circles. 

Lips and eyes products. As you can see, I have a quite number of eyeshadow from Etude and I just purchased few more from the lastest release “Budapest” for autumn.

Snapshot taken from Etude House Korea official website. They released lots of gorgeous color for autumn that I shall keep it to my next post on Gmarket Haul. It is not available in Malaysia yet and we can only purchase from Gmarket though. 

Without further adieu, let’s start with the makeup. 

This is me, bare face without any makeup on. I have relatively small eyes with single eyelid that even make my eyes look smaller πŸ‘€ and few pimples scar on the chin. 😣

I am still a beginner in makeup and thus I always start with mascara first. I am quite clumsy that I always “apply” mascara on my eyelid rather than my lashes. πŸ˜‚ I guess I need more practice to make it perfect lashes. 

This is the magical effect from Etude Curl Fix Mascara with the help of eyelash curler of course. I often curl my lashes with eyelash curler before applying mascara. The mascara I picked is brown color that is super matchy with pink eyeshadow later. 

Another magical moment with Etude Magic Any Cushion #Mint that cover the cheek redness. I applied on my left side of face (which is right in the picture) and when compared with the other side, we can see it managed to tune down the redness and brighten my skin.

Then, it is time for Etude Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I am using the colour of Natural Beige, which is matching with my skin tone and looks natural. It is long lasting that I need not to worry that my face makeup will be cakey after long day at work.

Contour contour ladies!! Time to say bye bye to the double chin and hello sharp nose!πŸ˜‚

Spot the difference LOL. I applied on my left face to compare with the right. I didn’t get rid of the double chin but at least my left face (which is the right at the picture) now looks sharper. 

Full face after contouring. V-LINE baby with the little help of camera angle of course.

I used the Etude Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek #3 red for strawberry!! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Time for eye makeup!!! I used Etude Fantastic Color Eyes in #Strawberry Fondue for this strawberry makeup of course. πŸ˜† For me, I prefer my eye makeup to be simple and I often use single color for my eye daily makeup. 

This time for a strawberry makeup, I use the the second color from the left to layer my whole eyelid. Then I used the first color to layer on the back of eyelid and the fourth color on the middle of eyelid as highlight point. After that, using Etude Brush311 to blend the color. 

Tada!! StrawberryπŸ“ πŸ‘€ haha LOL. And I just realized that I don’t have any brow makeup from Etude thst I used The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil #brown here. 

Strawberry ombre lips with Etude Berry Delicous!

My kinda strawberry makeup πŸ“ is done! Normally I don’t use loose powder or any powder to layer my makeup as I prefer the dewy look rather than matt unless I need to go under the sun for a long time then I will use Laneige powder brush pact or Innisfree no sebum mineral pact.

I hope you all enjoy my strawberry makeup tutorial. The next makeup post shall be with new Etude Budapest eyeshadow!!! 

Till next post.

Yours Truly, 



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