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Food hunt @ LBU: Jin Aik Bakkuteh

Another well known gem in the island of cheap booze and chocolate (sorry can’t help it)  is this – Jin Aik Bak Kut Teh. No idea where is it? Neither do I, I actually used Waze, again. Such convenient app,one of the must have apps in my mobile. Perhaps next time I could do a round of must have apps, hehe.

We were hungry, and we wanted some sort of comfort food so we went to this. No other reasons needed, right?


Win some lose some, when I wanted the signage to be bright, the surrounding became n shades darker. But yeah, that is the signage to look out for. The shop is conveniently located beside a traffic light junction, plenty of time to notice it.

Note: All ordered portions are for 2 pax.


What is the partner-in-crime for a good pot of bak kut teh? A generous serving of you tiaw(!) Be it eating like that, or dunk them into the soup and get infused, ah yums.


With, with, with a serving of fresh stir fried garlic green leafy vegetables. In this case, kai-lan or chinese kale. This is one of my personal favourite for its crisp crunchy sensation when you bite into ’em.


One of the specialty of this shop – zha pai gu 炸排骨 or deep fried pork ribs. All that glorious flavours kept safe in that deep fried skin. One bite will take you round the world of pork(!) not exaggerating, that is how much we love it despite being bone-y.


And the main star(!!!) the hot piping boiling hot bak kut teh 肉骨茶(!). Sorry too many exclamation marks, just overly excited about this pot of goodness.

For those who does not know what it is, bak kut teh is in simple terms, a meat dish cooked in brooth, popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore where there is a predominant Hoklo and Teochew community.


An overview of what a hearty meal of comfort food looks like. Bak kut teh is always our go-to whenever we get a little bit homesick, or on rainy days since it is hot and soothing to combat against the cold. At the end of the meal, when all the dishes were licked clean, we would just sit and ponder on life. It is that satisfying.

Total damage to the wallet: MYR 62.00/-
In my opinion? Totally worth event cent(!)

Yours truly,


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