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Food hunt @ LBU: Hainan Chicken Rice

Once in a while, I will swing by the island of cheap chocolate and liquor before heading off to the land below the wind. There has been some talks about the island not being duty free after this month, but again, looking at this piece of news it seems like there will be no worries. So yay(!) cheap booze and chocolate for Amy and my soul.

Foodie means to food hunt no matter where I go, this applies even when it was only a short stop. Without further ado, we hit the infamous Hainan Chicken Rice Stall. Sorry wasn’t able to get a decent frontal photo of the stall signage, was blocked by visor.



Trust me when I say these old gems are the best. Until now, this principle still prevails whenever I food hunt. Love these stalls – they tend to tell their own story.

7 (1).jpg

The usual to pair up with good ol’ hainanese dish – teh peng (or plain iced chinese tea).


Every chicken rice’s magnificent taste is further boosted by their homemade chili sauce. This stall was no exception as well. Just by looking at this small saucer of sauce, you will know there is great efforts poured in to experiment the best flavour to complete their chicken rice dish. I tasted a hint of lemon/limau in it, lovely(!)


So we ordered a roasted chicken and a steam chicken with additional organs. Sadly, the lady heard it wrong and tada(!) 2 plates of roasted. Perhaps this is a sign of wanting me to revisit their stall again just to try their legendary steamed chicken, huh?


All that additional organ goodness for just an extra MYR0.60 or so. Totally worth it. Totally.


A quick overview of what was a satisfying lunch. Heads up would be to avoid lunch hour as it will be very crowded and hard to score a table, again was lucky that a table came up when we were there.

Yours truly,


Foursquare: Link <– CLICK at your own risk and only if you need more pictures to justify the deliciousness of hainan chicken rice(!)


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