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Review: Etude House Eye Shadow 

Etude House is one of the major Korean road shops for beauty products and is extremely popular for girls from their mid teens to late 20s. Etude has products to cater you from hair to toe, from hair mist to sweet perfume to foot mask. Their products are very affordable with good quality, especially for the makeup products. And they are having sales for different products every month throughout Malaysia, which allow us to try different products every month at a cheaper price. I managed to grab 2pcs of eye shadow singles at the price of 1 this month, which is only RM27 for 2. 😍 The colors I grabbed are #PP504 and #OR212.

My Etude eye shadow singles collection:

Top Left clockwise: Look at My Eyes #PP504, #OR212, #PK003 & #PP508.

I bought the other two colors via Gmarket with a price of RM12+ per pcs, which is even cheaper. 🤑

Etude eye shadow color is super pigmented and long lasting, a little goes a long way. I tried other brands before, no one can last as long as theirs.

I compared eye shadow singles from Etude and The Face Shop. Etude clearly wins for their superb color pigmentation. If you prefer the color of your eye shadow stands out and be the main attraction of your makeup look, Etude that is. If you prefer nude or no makeup look, The Face Shop coral/pink eye shadow are definitely your perfect choice.

Berry Delicious Fantastic Colour Eyes #strawberry fondue good for everyday look. The last 3 colors are good for night look as well.

The last color #PP508 was their new release earlier this year, pantone color of the year! (In case you are unsure what is the pantone color of 2016👉

Etude is good at picking their main colors for every seasons. For Koreans, they prefer to use colors that suit the season or colors that is current on trend. Etude new release will always match the hit colors and makeup trends. I always enjoy their new release as their colors, quality, packaging and affordable price tag never let me down. Talking about their packaging, I do feel like a princess while using their lipstick, but with a much cheaper price compared with other brands.

The ribbon ring can be used as accessories or just another cute decoration at your lipstick.

Another good thing that I like Etude is they probably have hundred of shades for pink, for both eyes and lip. For sure you can find your own favourite perfect shade of pink here.

If you follow Korean makeup guru on youtube, you probably realize that for now, “fruits” makeup are on hit now. In my next few post, I gonna use all Etude products to do my first One Brand Tutorial for a fruity makeup! 😗 Which one is your favourite fruit? 🍓🍋🍎🍊👜 Let me know in the comment box below. 👇

Life is Sweet! 👸

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