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Food hunt @ BKI: Paper Boat

There is always the urge to go food hunt after being away for work in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception for weeks, surrounded with tranquility and utmost zen-nest. A quick search through Instagram and foursquare to discover this newly opened fusion soup – Paper Boat. Being a fan of nautical stuffs, I absolutely love the design, just look at it(!)


Going there was a breeze, we utilized the Waze app. Took us about 10 mins or so from town area. Just one problem – parking issue but we were lucky that we scored a spot! To our surprise despite the heavy downpour, the place was crowded! Again, lucky for us, we got a nice seat inside. Again, proof below(!)


Went in and get all cozy with the surrounding and I spotted something interesting, a progression boat with cute instax photos – their renovation of the place, their menu photo shoots etc. This does add quite a touch to the whole shop concept.


The whole concept matters, they even come out with this nifty photo of their favourite sea creatures to their own identity. Just have to love how they incorporated some of the trendy selfie post(!) and this “poster” is used to cover their kitchen view, pretty smart/smug.


Just another thing that caught my attention when I entered – their stools(!) Some seriously gorgeous DIY of metal steel pipings/joints with polished wooden planks. And what’s more, you can choose between with or without a back support. Genius(!)



All lined up prettily polished DIY stools. Look at them, look at them. After my eyes were satisfied, we went on to order some food. As usual, I ordered something that can help with cleansing the food, hot honey lemon. Just another self-comforting drink, heh.


So the drinks were served almost instantly while the food can take a while more. Fret not, it was pretty to stare around its newly decorated interiors, just look at the lightings(!). Personally, I love them hanging bulbs. The next time I am going to decorate something, it is for sure with hanging bulbs.


Half way through admiring their lightings of different patterns, our food order came. First was the Gyu Tan Don. A fusion of Australian + Japanese dish, with the usage of premium ox tongue imported from Australia. Adding a little twist of seasoning with homemade chili oil and a good portion of moist and fluffy scrambled egg on top.



At first glance, I was a bit skeptical with the eggs/ox mix. Then again, we will see later on how it is done. The next one we ordered was the local fusion style – dry stir fried asam laksa. Dry, you say? Yeah, just had to ordered this one and try it out.


Other than the mains, we ordered some sides which were pretty much famous – from L to R: Bacon wrapped leek, pork wrapped okra and pork wrapped cherry tomatoes. Gotta admit it, we love our pork. Personal favourite would be the cherry tomatoes one. Hint: To eat whole(!) one bite and it burst into a distinguish flavour of sweet and salty, soft and crispy. Perhaps next time I should duplicate this at home.


An overview of what we had, what a satisfying photo of good food.


Oh, and as mentioned, a reality photo as to how we enjoy our food – mixing it all up(!) Looks messy but it IS delicious. Ask any foodie, messy is indirectly proportional to delicious but directly proportional to finger lickin’ good.



My advice would be to finish your food orders while it is still hot, or else you will regret as soon as you see some of the oil leaking/seeping out. My bad as I was a rather slow eater so I ended up abandoning 1/2 of them. Eat ’em while they are still hot and you will have no regrets(!)

Yours truly,


Facebook page: Link
Address: Taman Far East, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88-211 222
Opening hours:
Sunday –> 4PM – 12AM
Monday –> Closed
Tuesday –> 4PM – 1:30AM
Wednesday –> 4PM – 1:30AM
Thursday –> 4PM – 1:30AM
Friday –> 4PM – 1:30AM
Saturday –> 4PM – 1:30AM

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