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Food hunt @ BKI: Nagisa, Hyatt Regency

Being a hopeless Japanese food lover, which I believe many of us are guilty for…one does not simply pass on the chances to try good Japanese food. Being conveniently just staying at Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu, I decided to give its top Japanese restaurant, Nagisa’s monthly promotion a try. Well, why not?


Upon entering, you will be greeted by nicely placed sake pots. Nagisa is styled after a Japanese winter cottage with dark wood panels and narrow passages that leads one to an open large restaurant area with separate spacious dining experience. One can opt to eat from a sushi counter, or in a tatami room or open/private dining rooms.

All of their tastefully decorated Japanese artifacts reflects the style of the restaurant while complements the whole feeling of Japanese dining. The dining area also overlooks the idyllic coral islands dotted along the South China Sea.


I absolutely love their interior of sleek dark brown/black semi-modern semi-zen furnishing. Looks great, feels great. Even their tea/condiment set is just stylish(!). Free flow of hot green tea is always a must to any Japanese dining experience. +1 point.


One of my favourite – a sampler of what might be their upcoming promotion/sensation. Above is a piece of fried tofu which looks plain but once I bite into it, the taste just exploded. A rich mix of mushroom, egg and amongst other vegetables that I believe was carefully hand picked to fuse the taste together.

And the best part of this sampler is that they will want your honest feedback as to how they could improve the recipe further before including it in their promotion sets later on, who knows it might be incorporated in the menu right(!)


So, back to the monthly promotion set. I have decided to take on their Sakana Oroshi set or (direct translation) means ways to process fishes. This came true as there are 3 traditional methods to choose from: (1) Parrotfish Teppanyaki style, (2) lightly fried Parrotfish topped with shredded Japanese Daikon or (3) hot pot Nabe simmer Parrotfish with mushroom and assortment of vegetables. Each set is at RM88.00 nett per serving.

I decided to go with the slightly healthy yet slightly indulgence set method (2). The helpless mentality of a foodie trying to be healthier, so called self comforting(?)


The lightly fried Parrotfish. Officially, my favourite is shredded Japaense Daikon. Totally hit off with my taste bud with the rich and dense taste.


Here it is, my hopeless healthier self. Normally, I would skip the whole green salad idea and settle for something more cheesy. But this, one must try(!). The sauce was light and just right, not your normal heavy mayonnaise soaked salad.


Shisamo sushi with that gorgeous fish roe topped, my first try which was a good different than my usual Shisamo with squeezed lemon. Another new favourite to add to my must order next round, amongst the already many in the list.


Ahh, for the finishing touch – homemade matcha ice cream. Too bad for me, I am not exactly the biggest fan for matcha, not even the slightest. But texture wise, I like it; taste wise, not as much. Confusing, I know..


Told you, I just cannot resist not taking away something on my mange favourites. This is one of my top favourite – soft shelled crab with avocado sushi. The soft, the crunchy, the crispy all in one. Perhaps next time I should add in some roe to complete it. Hmm..

Well, that wraps up the promotion set for the month of July in Nagisa, Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu and some of my personal favourites. If given the opportunity, I am sure I would be more than glad to feature their monthly specials. So you should to, for another few days before July promotion set is off the list for good (!).

Yours truly,

For more information: Link


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