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Review: Online Shopping Tips

It has been a while since our last post. Both of us were a little bit too occupied with work and now finally we have time to share with y’all another important aspect of our life other than food *drum rolls* Online Shopping that is!!!

We all are too emerged in working things out in life and  when we finally have a break from work, both of us prefer to laze at home and do online shopping. There are few tips that we would like to share to help y’all to grab the most and cheapest stuff from online shopping. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ (P.S. Spending alert bahaha evil grim…)

There are few sites that we currently indulge in at this moment. For those of us in Malaysia, it is quite lucky that we enjoy direct/indirect shipping services provided by most of the online shopping sites. Yours truly, Amy indulges a.k.a addicted to Korean skincare and cosmetics products. Confession: I love to shop at Gmarket. For my first shopping experience with Gmarket, I bought lots of skincare, cosmetics, choker, earings and a cute phone case. This was when they were having promotion of 5USD shipping fee to Malaysia no matter how heavy or giant the parcel is.

All the items were packed nicely inside a box, which means you need not to worry for any shipping damages. The phone case is of good quality, designed and made in Korea. It only costs me RM25+ (where to find such a cheap and adorable phone case??)And Nature Republic was doing a promo with 10+10 face masks for RM33+ (WOW๐Ÿ˜˜). And they gave me a coupon for 20% off for single item for my next purchase!!

The second purchase from Gmarket was just back in few weeks ago. This round they were doing promotion of 50% off for shipping fee to Malaysia. I bought a pair of sneakers from Paperplanes, Corsx pimple pad & propolis ampoule and Etude House contouring stick (new color released in Korea) for just RM30+ to ship to East Malaysia directly from Seoul, and which the parcel weighed around 3kg+. Yet they gave me another coupon for 20% off for my next purchase. What a good deal!

Items were all wrapped nicely with bubble wrap or inside individual boxes, so rest assure for any shipping damage. Tons of free samples given by Corsx โค It took them 7 working days to send the stuff to my doorstep though. Good things that if you purchase skincare and cosmetics from Gmarket that you are able to purchase their NEW releases before they even arrive in Malaysia and they gave FREE samples!! (Sorry I can’t hide my excitements for new releases and free stuff LOL!)


This pair of sneakers is their 2016 new released limited edition – cherry blossom perfect for summer though Malaysia is summer all year round. It is perfect to match with dress/tennis skirt which is the trend now in Korea – shirt + tennis skirt + sneakers = Perfect Match!!!

Gmarket is not only limited to clothes, bags, accessories that are all made in Korea with good quality, they are also selling food, housewares, kitchenware, baby clothes etc. FYI they sell K-POP albums as well *fangirling*

Ok, enough on Gmarket, let’s move on to Taobao (ๆท˜ๅฎ). We all know that stuff from Taobao are very very cheap, but how about the postage and quality??

Rest assure that I tried it myself and now we all have the answer. I bought a XiaoYi Dash Cam for RM173+ (I can’t stress enough the importance of a dash cam to protect yourself and other road users) and 3 pcs of clothes with a total of RM77+ and RM30 shipping fee to East Malaysia. It is relatively cheap considering ship them all the way from China to here. It includes all the processing and repackaging fee which means that you can buy from different sellers (they have tons of sellers which is literally tons of…) and ship to official warehouse which you pick from the shipping agent that you prefer (Skynet etc) and they will do all the repack work to reduce weight for you. It took 6 working days from the moment I paid the bill till it arrived at my doorstep. No hassles at all!!! The only downside is that they are using Chinese as a medium in this site, so if you can’t read Chinese, you probably can skip this one.

Quality wise, for the shirt it only costs me about RM25, but it doesn’t compromise its quality at all, airy and comfy with lots of color choices for you. What else would you demand for a RM25 shirt?? LOL Thumbs up for Taobao!

There are quite a few other famous sites for shopping that I tried, Hermo that sells all the famous or well known skincare & cosmetics from Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc and “Althea” that sells products mainly from Korea. Both of them are quite good, fast delivery with a good range of products. However, if you wish to get the latest release of Korean products at cheaper price, Gmarket that is. But if you just wanna buy a few items with faster shipping terms, Hermo or Althea is your best choice.

Zalora is another good site selling clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and some selected skincare. A good thing I like about Zalora except for free shipping for purchase above RM75 for West Malaysia (sorry I can’t recall how much for East Malaysia) is that free return when you don’t like the item due to size or whatever legit reason. I bought few shoes from Zalora which are all quite cheap, around RM40 per pair with excellent quality though.

So folks, are y’all ready to indulge in this evil online shopping?
But bear in mind, don’t overspend. Spend wisely..
If you have any interesting online shopping experience or tips, feel free to share in comment box or contact us directly. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Till next post~~

Note: All these are my personal & honest online shopping experience using my own money without any sponsor ya.


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