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Food hunt @ MYY: Salt & Pepa

To kick this blog off, we went “food-chasing” in Marina Bay, Miri for a quick catch up and some juicy gossip session. Amy did a few rounds of homework on newly opened eateries before we decided on Alice in Borneoland. Unfortunately, it was closed and we were forced to decide on another cafe impromptu. Walked around a bit and we decided on Salt & Pepa since it looks new, western-ish and crowded. (Got too excited to just enter, order and sit so forgot to take a picture of the grand entrance)

Salt & Pepa

One word we both can conclude on Salt & Pepa once we set foot inside was cozy. Modern yet simple furnishing, definitely a very homey place just to sit and chill. Trust us, we were there for a whole whopping 3-hours and did not realize it.


Their food menu was pretty straightforward with some simple picture illustrations (hanged on the wall). One can opt for light meals such as sandwiches or pies, or some heavier meals such as pasta or pizza. Their drink menu however was extensively vast! (Again did not take a picture of it, were too excited to order something to quench our thirst)

Our 3-hour chilling session grabs
Well, we went for our usual 1-cake-1-drink per person session. As seen above, clockwise from the green smoothie: Glowing skin (a blend of coconut water, pineapple, cucumber, kyle and some other edibles that I could not recall), Coffee walnut cake, Cappuccino and Lemon cheese cake. And there is always free flow of detox water (comprised of lemon and cucumber slices) which was a very warm gesture for customers who love to chill.


Just another view of the cakes, flat laid style. Maybe next time around, we should approach them micro style. The Lemon cheese cake was very flavorful in a not too overwhelming way while the Coffee walnut cake was nutty yummy but a bit too crumbly for my liking.

If cakes aren’t your thing, they do offer savory desserts too! All of these are home-made by the staffs themselves, guaranteed fresh and home-baked, what is more to ask for? Can’t help it, we tapao-ed some home for tea time.

One thing we noticed was the customer flow, Salt & Pepa is pretty crowded and seats are limited. So do come earlier if you would want a very zen sofa couch just to chill for hours. Hope you enjoy our short update & that is it for now, stay tuned!

Yours truly,

More information on Salt & Pepa:
Opening hour: 11AM – 10PM daily
Lot 2036, Block 9 MCLD Marina Square, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Facebook: Link


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